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Send in your letters To Urge PADEP to Deny the Core5 Warehouse Project
Open comment deadline is April 18th

Stop stormwater discharge and encroachment into Exceptional Value wetlands and High Quality Pocono Creek

While the Core5 warehouse proposal for Stadden Road was withdrawn this past summer due to public outcry, Core5 continues to pursue its Warner Rd. warehouse project slated for the Pocono Creek watershed.  This particular application before the PADEP now proposes to build a 703,000 sq. ft warehouse with parking for 400 employees as well as tractor-trailer bays and off-road parking for trailers. What is currently present on this site? This beautiful patch of green is currently 75% forest with predominantly mature native tree and shrub species that provide critical buffering, water quality protection and stormwater infiltration, climate change sequestration, and air quality benefits from pollution by nearby busy I-80, just to name a few of the ecological services this forest provides.  The developer’s application proposes to convert the existing 2 acres of impervious surfaces on the current site to over 36 acres of impervious surfaces, permanently destroying more than 50 acres of mature Pocono forest. Core5 LLC. also plans to encroach and propose to discharge their stormwater into Exceptional Value wetlands on site and into the High Quality- CWF Pocono Creek that is also designated a Class A and naturally reproducing wild trout stream (NPDES Permit Application No. PAD450139).   

Due to public outcry and the EV wetlands and HQ watershed this project would impact, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) is held a public hearing Monday, March 4th on the warehouse proposed NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) application.  PADEP has also announced that written comments will be accepted if you are unable to attend the hearing up to 15 days after the hearing date – Thursday, April 18th

If you will be directly impacted(if your property or business is near  the site and will be affected by flooding) please include  that in your letter.

If you are someone who goes fishing in that area, write your letter.

Kristina Heaney


Pamela Kania


The following information must be included in your letter.

Core 5 Industrial Partners, LLC

Warner Road Warehouse

Pocono Township/Monroe County

Application #PAD450190

You can also use this TEMPLATE graciously provided by PennFuture

More Details:   

The Warner Road Warehouse Project if approved, would be constructed at 246 Warner Road, Tannersville, PA in Pocono Township, Monroe County. The application was deemed administratively complete by PADEP on August 11, 2023 but the project itself would inflict irreparable harm to the Pocono Creek and nearby Exceptional Value wetlands.  Early review by Delaware Riverkeeper Network and allies shows inadequate, incorrect, and incomplete information on file which does not protect the water and wetlands on site.